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Graphic design


Design is the foundation of everything we do. Not just in the sense of visual expression, but also what lies beneath the elements you see or interact with. Of course, we design many logos, create web solutions, printed material and so on, but a large part of our time is spent designing the services, processes and experiences that are the foundation for the aesthetic expression.

Design is the communications-related central nervous system of the future, and designers must be able to work across many disciplines. Beyond aesthetics, forming and creating visual communications requires an in-depth understanding of the business world and an ability to work with content.

We love good design, clear communication and intuitive solutions. We can solve virtually all design and communication tasks and we often become an integral part of our customers’ businesses and their business development. It becomes a partnership.


Digital solutions

We design and construct most types of digital solutions, from small hand-coded websites and digital business cards, to large CMS-based web applications and ERP-integrated web shops. We also work with digital advertising, social media and email marketing. We take great pride in creating user-focused solutions which support companies’ brands as effectively as possible.

Recent years have been characterised by ‘technological hyper-inflation’: the right solution today can become obsolete tomorrow. That’s why a large part of our time is spent closely monitoring the ever-accelerating development of technology so that we can help our clients keep abreast of all possibilities and eventualities.

As the buyer of a product in a field where your expertise might not necessarily lie, a clear and efficient dialogue with your supplier is crucial. We never hide behind buzzwords or technical jargon, but instead deliver solutions based on clear, easily understood, real world decisions.
See digital references.



We are not a traditional advertising agency, but see ourselves as a creative bureau which helps our clients to sell their products. In some instances this involves the development of advertising concepts and campaigns, in others direct mails and digital campaigns.

Essentially, the aim with everything we do is to strengthen the client’s business and, from our perspective, a website or facebook competition can be considered advertising just as much as a conventional large-scale ad campaign.

Regardless of whether we work with advertising in the traditional sense or not, we use a great deal of energy to understand your industry and the market conditions in which your company operates. We can also help you achieve a better understanding of your own market by facilitating market research or focus groups to create the best possible start point for a branding process or marketing campaign.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy

A brand is the product and it’s public perception as a whole. And sometimes working with branding means changing the product. Usually though we work with public perception part.

Brands have both a conceptual and a visual identity. The conceptual identity consists of the values, characteristics and ‘personality traits’ which characterise the brand and thus constitute its DNA.

A brand’s personality is the characteristics of a brand based on human qualities. These properties are signposts for the direction in which you want to go and are extremely useful in work with in terms of visual identity.

A clear strategy solidly based in the organisation, ties customers to your brand and ensures a shared, value-based platform upon which to build. See brand strategy case studies.

Visual identity

Visual identity

For many businesses a visual identity is simply a question of having a logo featuring specific colours, typography and design principles. In practise that is also usually part of the end result, but just as with people, companies and brands are made up of inner and outer values. The better these two elements hang together, and the more what you say relates to the things you do, the stronger and more credible will you appear.

Visual identity is the aesthetic interpretation of a brand’s ‘personality’. Strong brands are like interesting people you want to meet and get to know. To discover a brand’s personality – based on strategic aims – is central to our work with visual identity.

The scope in creating an identity is defined by the level of ambition, but it is crucial in order to define the essential elements which will shape the company in the future. See examples of clients we have helped with visual identity.

Rock on

Network-based full service

We believe that a collaborative and content-driven process gives the quickest and best results. That is why we assess all tasks individually on a pragmatic basis, and tailor-make solutions that best match the nature of the project, it’s goals and the budget.

When a project requires extra manpower or skills that we do not have, we will assemble a team of specialists for the task. We work with some of Denmark’s most talented developers, photographers, illustrators, writers and PR people. This allows for flexibility and ensures that our clients only pay for the skills and services they need. Whatever the task, we always strive to have a close and direct working relationship with our clients.

We take great price in offering a total service for many of our clients, and take on large projects as well as small, day-to-day tasks.