It-services at expert level

Client: ZENIT Consult

ZENIT Consult A/S is one of Denmark’s largest IT consultancies with some of the most experienced and qualified IT consultants working in a wide range of technologies. ZENIT offers solutions from analysis to implementation for all types of IT projects.

Together with ZENIT, Sebastian Sejer & Co has developed a comprehensive brand strategy ahead of a re-launch of the brand. As an extension of this work we created a new visual identity which is implemented in a wide range of elements.

We also developed a website and intranet solution for ZENIT. The intranet gives its many decentralised consultants the change to share experiences and includes, among other things, a central reporting tool.

ZENIT Consult hjemmeside design ZENIT Consult paperline design ZENIT Consult intranet ZENIT Consult corporate identity