Lawyers v2.0

Client: Paragraf A/S

Paragraf is a Danish company specialising in providing legal competences to large and medium-sized companies. The company’s primary aim is to create contact between freelance lawyers and businesses that have a temporary need for legal services.

The idea of supplying legal staff on a freelance basis is new for Europe and, so, the task was to communicate an entirely new business model to a market which was not aware that its needs could be met this way. We did this through a series of targeted direct mail campaigns in combination with an advertising campaign in trade papers with small, provocative messages about ‘old school’ lawyers. We also produced a small book which explained the new concept in a concise and illustrative way. The book could both be ordered in a hard copy, and read online.

We have been involved throughout this process and were responsible for naming the company, the brand strategy, concept development, visual identity, logo, printed material, website, advertising campaign and much more.
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